Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Time Flies. Piddly Bag of Peanuts.

Has it been that long? It hasn't been that long. Has it been that long? Really? Look, I won't keep you. Just wondering, y'know, how do I get on Facebook without feeling like someone's got their finger up my wazoo all the time? Millions of people on Facebook. Somebody should know.

Via the magic of actually sitting down to blog I'll update this sick, drooling world on zoombas, starved artists, that sinking feeling of dread when you want to scream into the world's French kiss, and where your unpublished piece o' crud writer-type stands as pertains to his unpublished pieces o' crud. I promise whoever is out there.

Is anybody out there? Has the Revolution been televised? Was the Nike logo visible anywhere? Damn...