Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Briefly Put

The internet is full of cats, and I don’t mean memes. I mean mofos who want to act aloof and call folks names and bury them with doofy shit and scratch if folks try to clean them a bit. Thing is, folks are not about that brand of noise anymore. Folks are about love and light and beauty, all the good shit that makes a person worth someone’s time. If cats want to lick and lick and cough up their own ass hairs, that’s on them. But let such a mofo whine about why he’s not getting kissed and, hand to Gawd, let the smacking of the taste out of a mofo’s mouth begin.

 Do you know such a cat? Talk to that cat about love with humor, respect, and genuine hope for their well-being. Some will listen, others won’t. Doesn’t matter that you don’t get 100% conversion. Just keep talking.