Friday, December 14, 2012

Selves Served. None Exchanged.

Briefly and softly: More massacres of children today. We can't say it was an "Equus" style killing of anguish and euthanasia. In China it was a man with a knife in a classroom. This has happened before. In the U.S. it was a man with guns and a bulletproof vest to protect himself in a school full of elementary children. These vests are not supplied to children. I'll speak of the man in the U.S. That's where I'm from. Children the world over -- innocents, children and adults alike the world over -- are cut down every minute you are awake like wheat left to dry in the sun. People have expressed relief that the man in the bulletproof vest was killed. I'm not that glad. I want to know what synapse misfired to wake him up with the idea his morning needed deaths. In the days or weeks that led up to the culmination of this plan, what happened to his mental fail-safes? And if he didn't have any, how do we eradicate his type? I want to ask him point blank: HOW do I prevent your kind? How do I isolate you physically and genetically from existence? I want to exhaust every rhetorical question there is to ask, then I will kill him and crumple to the ground and cry forever. I will cry forever. After a point the real world will overtake the false one we've built, the one of broken relationships and failed lives all jumbled and bagged into a satchel of excuses. After a point we will tire of being born into this false world howling and covered in blood. After a point even the filthiest wish to be clean. "The promise of Eden hides our fears," wrote the artists Wendy and Lisa in one of their songs. "But while we're here why wait for heaven?" I'm not interested in heaven on Earth. Earth on Earth will do. Earth on Earth will do. My Beautiful Lost, apologies for not being strong enough to save you. In that regard we are truly made in God's image. Find your world, my friends, and make it without blood for clay.