Thursday, April 28, 2011

Did I Miss The Memo?

I wasn’t sure at first so I waited a bit, then turned around and he was still there. If someone has a moment, I have a genteel question: When did Donald Trump become a serious political contender?

Presidency of the United States, right? Donald Trump? The rich joke with all the issues? I’ll keep this brief: If a dude approached you with hair like that trying to sell you lemonade on a hot day you’d call the police.

The McCain/Palin wounds haven’t even healed, dammit!

Granted, the purpose of leaving political office open to chance individuals is to weed out the fools among us, but there’s fools and then there’s carnival freaks children shouldn’t even want to come around.

Maybe I misunderstood. Donald Trump??

Come on, America, stop fooling with me! Yeah, you got me, very funny, but, Dude, seriously, stop. You're really being a tampon in the swizzle stick of Life.

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