Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pulp Fiction

Paper, that is. Felled trees. Recycled toilet. What I'm saying is that, in no uncertain terms, Neon Lights is available in print via Createspace, Amazon, and other tentacled outlets. What I'm saying is this goofy book has a physical presence, not just in the ether, and that's how Cthulhu got started. What I'm saying is I hope it makes you laugh.

Not to get all biblical on you, but it is finished. Unless Harper Collins wants me to add a wise-cracking kid to the book, that's it. The mic is dropped, I walk away, there are other books to be written, other troubles to get into.

Many thanks and hugs to every advance reader, every purchaser, the cover artists and anyone who's tolerated me hawking this thing on Facebook. I like this independent thing. It's frustrating but fun, and truth be told, I couldn't write a wise-cracking kid if they force-fed me entire seasons of Diff'rent Strokes.

Direct link HERE, my glorious revolutionaries; purchase, review and skewer as necessary.



  1. Buy it! Read it! Appointment awaits you, without the "dis."
    -WL Bonner

  2. Plus there is no mention of Condi Rice and Shaquille O'Neal ever at any time being naked in the same room, so that's a checkmark in "Reason to Buy the Book" right there.