Monday, August 10, 2015

Contest Joy

I'm digging the fun and ingenuity of the Chronicles line (and the fact that I have a story in the Alternate History Chronicles: Alt History 101 is pudding for my pop).

So while you're on Amazon ordering your copy of
check out this contest. Good stuff abounding!

Gotta read 'em all!

~Fresh voices and award-winning authors
~Original speculative fiction short stories     ~#1 anthology on Amazon with every release

Like the storied SF collections of the past, The Future Chronicles brings you themed anthologies on the topics you love: Robots, Telepaths, Aliens, Artificial Intelligence, Dragons, Zombies... and more on the way. Each collection combines fresh new voices in spec fic with established, best-selling authors. Award-winning curator Samuel Peralta's vision has created a series like no other.

CLICK HERE TO ENTER TO WIN (via Rafflecopter)

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