Monday, November 9, 2009


Well , hello there. Nice to see folks made it. Glorious Revolution’s to the left. Smut’s on the right. Shoes must remain on but you can hang your tops over here. I haven’t actually done much with the place but you can see we’ve got it framed for a sunroom, a nice office, definitely a walk-in closet, and I’m thinking (once the Wife’s input is in) a deluxe laundry room.

Actually, you might want to see one of the September rooms. The first one done was back on September 22 and the rest of the house just kinda flowed from that. A neo-classical modern thing working. Got a little baroque, I will admit, but not a lot. Just that once. You’ll know it when you see it.

Take your time, get comfortable. I’m as new to this as you. My first showing, you know? The décor’s all me. Yes, I can be fabulous. Two have already joined the Glorious Revolution, and one’s contributed. The interweb’s a wonderful tool, so interact at will.

Do not, however, break anything. There’s a lot of delicateness here. Brother will break down and cry, complete with issues.

Anyhoo…piddle about. All are welcome. The invite was sincere. Restrooms are plentiful. Enjoy yourselves.

But for god’s sake, do flush.

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