Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Double Shot!!!

Here in Detroit—-and I suspect around the country—-Christmas music has been playing on one of our MegaMart ownership-styled radio stations since about a hair past Halloween. Around the clock. The city thinks it’s ridiculous. The entire state thinks it’s ridiculous. But what do we matter, right? Clear Channel’s will be done.

This is for them.

The A Team

Jesus made the best chocolate chip cookies. Vishnu made the bread. Buddha handled the punch, and of Shiva, tis better the less is said. The ?Great Spirit sat at the head of the table. Mohammed prepared everyone spiced tea. Moses kept bringing word of the world below; finally, everyone bowed their heads. Didn’t pray for lasting peace, didn’t demand pious dread. This grand celestial gathering sent thoughts of fasting instead. No gorging on indolence and foolishness, no dripping red helpings of greed. Quite full off fear and avarice, and deception is why most wound up dead. Supping on evil causes conniption fits guaranteed to shred a peaceful bed. And the dreams of these humans, Moses reported, the dreams, he perplexedly said…

…of those sad mistreated things, ‘tis better the less is said.

“There’s always more,” their dreams scream and scream. “Control, consume and confound!” A steady supply of money is preferable to hallowed ground. “Drink and eat and never need, but always want instead.” Have unwise sex, and seek chemical twists, to balm the wounds by which you’re led.

The celestials fell silent. Jesus stood, decision made. Buddha joined him too. Botha Dish of the African plains completed the trio three. What good’s a party in the celestial rounds with noisy neighbors below? They rappelled to earth, clad all in black and packs, the mission abundantly clear: spread less fear not more cheer, and get back to the work of the day. Their descent was watched from above till the clouds swallowed them up and the ?Great Spirit sat back to lament. Another thousand years, as it gazed at the pile of warm cookies, before any returned to fill up that plate, but this is the role great spirits play, and of that what more is there to say?

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