Monday, April 14, 2014

The Mothership Connection Is Here

It’s guest post time. Myself and a crew of authors are embarking on a journey of the imagination honoring giants in the world of science/speculative fiction: Octavia Butler and L.A. Banks.

Octavia Estelle Butler was an internationally acclaimed science fiction writer. A recipient of both the Hugo and Nebula awards (two of each), her evocative novels explored far-reaching issues of race, sex, power and, ultimately, what it means to be human. Butler was one of the best-known women and Black authors in the field. In 1995, she became the first Science Fiction writer to receive the MacArthur Fellowship. Set in time periods ranging from the historical past to the distant future, Ms. Butler’s books are known for their controlled economy of language and for their strong, believable protagonists, many of them Black women. She wrote a dozen novels, including KindredParable of the SowerParable of the Talents; and Fledgling.
Leslie Esdaile Banks – who wrote under the pen names of Leslie Esdaile, Leslie E. Banks, Leslie Banks, Leslie Esdaile Banks and L. A. Banks – wrote in various genres, including African-American Literature, Romance, Women’s Fiction, Crime, Suspense, Dark Fantasy, Horror and Non-Fiction for five publishing companies. Best known for The Vampire Huntress Legend Series, Ms. Banks won several literary awards, including the 2008 Essence Literary Awards Storyteller of the Year.
Over the next few weeks you’ll be introduced to the crew of the Butler/Banks Book Tour: The Fresh Fest of Afrofuturism, featuring some of the finest voices in science fiction, steamfunk, sword and soul, fantasy, magic realism and straight-up outstanding literature. Especially that last, because no matter what the genre, when it’s cooked right it is, was, and always will be… literature. That’s how Octavia Butler did it. That’s how L.A. Banks did it. By damn, that’s how the Butler/Banks Book Tour is doing it!
So let me put on my Sgt. Pepper gear and belt it out for our first author on the launch pad while you prepare to order and engage. Let me introduce to you COLBY R. RICE, author and shameless nerd!

Coooooooool-by… Riiiiiiiiice!

A shameless nerd and bookworm since the age of five, Colby R Rice is the author of Ghosts of Koa, the first novel in The Books of Ezekiel, a dystopian-urban fantasy decalogy. She was an Air Force BRAT born in Bitburg Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany and came to the States at the age of one.

Colby bounced around a lot, but finally settled in Los Angeles, where she could at last deal with her addictions to creative entrepreneurship, motorcycles, and traveling.

Now, armed with a mound of animal crackers and gallons of Coca-Cola, Colby takes on fiction writing in a fight to the death!

Current projects include: the second novel in The Books of Ezekiel series, the first novel in a middle grade SFF detective series, the first novel in an adult sci-fi thriller series, development of her first sci-fi thriller film, and the growth of her production house, Rebel Ragdoll. Stay tuned at her website and blog at Colby's Cove!

Her work:

Ghosts of Koa: The First Book of Ezekiel

Get it now in ebook or paperback (and audiobook coming in June)!
And coming soon on IBookstore & Google Play!

For over one hundred years the Civic Order and the Alchemic Order have held a shaky truce, peppered by violence and mistrust. But when Koa, a Civilian-born insurgency, bombs an Alchemist summit, the truce is shattered. Now, Koa is rising. War is coming. And all sixteen-year-old Zeika Anon can do is keep moving as she watches the lords of alchemy slowly overtake her home.

But when clashes between Koa and the Alchemic Order put a final, deadly squeeze on the remaining Civilian territories, Zeika finds herself in the crosshairs of fate. She must walk the line between survival and rebellion against the Alchemists. On one side of the line awaits death. On the other, the betrayal of her civilization, her loyalties, and herself.
GHOSTS OF KOA is a fast-paced, post-apocalyptic survival tale, set in the streets of a dying city that has been crushed by alchemic law. Layered with the elements of gritty crime drama, dark urban fantasy, hard sci-fi, and horror, GHOSTS OF KOA is a wild ride to the end of a young girl's sanity as she struggles with an impossible choice: to keep one step ahead of a war... or to be consumed by it.

CONTENT WARNING - Contains coarse language, intense violence, adult / suggestive themes, and aberrant behavior. Reader discretion is advised.

A SNEAK PREVIEW OF THE COMING WEEKS. This ain't your daddy's Jupiter Two. In the coming weeks seal your gel-pods and prepare for tachyon speed with:

Alan D. Jones     Balogun Ojatade     Carole McDonnell      Crystal Conner     DaVaun Sanders   

Jeff Carroll      K. Ceres Wright     Kai Leakes     Keith (DK) Gaston     Milton Davis     Valjeanne Jeffers

...and me. Historical Inaccuracies is chock full of sci-fi, speculative goodness, or didn't you know?


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