Monday, February 24, 2014

Ragnarok Over Due To Awesomeness Of Pam Grier

This from my Facebook page: There’s about to be about a hundred thousand photos of people with Pam Grier uploaded to Facebook following her appearance in Detroit this past weekend. This right ‘chere is the only one that matters. ‘Cause, dammit, I got to sit at the head table with Pam Grier. Let me say it again ‘cause you ain’t heard me: I walk up, my name gets called, I say, “Huh?” they say “You’re at the head table,” I say, “Whuh?” they say, “Welcome to Paradise, my brotha,” I say, “Don’t play with me!” they show me the shining path and the way. Head table, son, with Pam. Grier. Due to my quick ticket ordering prowess. Willy Wonka’s golden ticket? Might as well be to Chuck E. Cheese. So I’m still all wha-huh but my legs know enough to carry my doofy butt forward. I sit. The table is round. King Arthur up in this piece, mofos! Four other people with me. They’re cool. Pam’s not there yet. I don’t worry; my girl is always on it. I’m cool. Maybe ten minutes later, in walks Pam Grier. I’m not cool. No. But I don’t show that. Fringe jacket and a smile, she's wearing. Introduces herself to us. Touches my hand. They call that a hand shake but it’s a house quake. Pam sits. After a while it registers somewhere in my bellum that I’m having a conversation with Pam Grier. I’m sure I ascended to the next level of human evolution. Sorry for the blinding light.

Pam Grier is awesome. I’m talking about sexy Pam, adventurous Pam, funny Pam (especially her), compassionate Pam, genius Pam, raconteur Pam, honest Pam, down-to-earth Pam, and well-deserved icon status Pam. How many awesomes is that, 18? Pam Grier knows how to cast under a tree line to catch bass. 19. There is so little Hollywood in Pam Grier that California might as well cease to exist.

I ate dinner with Pam Grier tonight. Suck on that, young me who never thought anything cool would ever happen. Suck on that, Ragnarok. And above all, I hope she likes my book.

This from today. Let's talk about Celebrity: If I'm going to celebrate you, it's going to be for you. For the light inside you, for the mindfulness you bring to the table, for the essential humanity given and received. Not about the awards, not about the accolades, its 100% you. So to me Br. Ray Stadmeyer of a small, plucky parish in Detroit is a celebrity; the guys who organized a dog rescue in the city are celebrities; Pam Grier, who would be Pam Grier whether she'd done a single film or not, who'd have found a way, as she has, in this or any universe to be the bus lady for the kids with mobility issues she teaches to ride horses because on a horse everybody is motion, is a celebrity. Power to the people who lead authentic lives.

Here's a picture, and I'm out.

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