Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Where To Find Yes In Today's World

Do this without thinking about it. Say “yes.” Say it out loud. Breathe it, make love to it. It will make love to you. Tell your body you love it out loud. It’s not a dictatorship, you in that shell, it’s a symbiosis. Your body has needs and wants you to acknowledge them. Say yes like the last prayer before the final burst of your solar system’s star, its light spreading so wide and bright you’ve no fear of any type of burn. Say yes to your life more often than you do because, Gods bless it, the corollary of “no” is a silent and adept lover capable of making you groan even when there’s not a single sound. Say it as though there are dreams to be picked up from the cleaners; no one but yourself wants to marry you and that’s cool as hell; you thought you were wrong but found out you had been right all along. You just have to say it out loud and mean it from that place in your spirit that knows you better than you think it does. Once or twice or maybe a hundred times a day. I like to do it in the morning or when I’ve forgotten that all things are beautiful when made beautiful. Say it not as vocabulary but as invocation. Don’t bother adding anything behind it. Additional words just get in the way. This just needs to be you in your voice saying one thing:

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