Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Reasons

To the writers of the world: faced with a choice would you rather be an author, meaning someone who's published at whatever degree of success, or a writer, meaning someone whose words are respected no matter where they take you? No mixing or muddling allowed, you have to pick one or the other. Age-old conundrum that leads us to the question of why we write. As there are a million intertwined reasons that would compel a person to pick up a pen and make thoughts real, I've prepared the Cliffs Notes version below. Feel free to add on.

Why We Write:
To show what we can do.
Seething outrage.
Sublimated seething.
Thought sensitivity would get us laid by a kinder class of people.
Job sucks.
Girlfriend won't suck. Here's a poem for you, Rachel!
Precious moments without husband and kids.
How hard can it be?
Might get optioned as a film.
The inner light.
Voices in head demand satisfaction.
Already too many lawyers in the world, if you ask our opinion.
Encouraged by mom.
Ignored by dad.
Direct communication with God.
After imagining groupies, fun to imagine sex with groupies.
The magnificence of truth.
Secret telepaths.
Confused by the world and dazed that everyone else isn't.
Money. Buckets of it.
Hope to communicate with the ephemeral essential.
Power of Christ compels us.
Commendable naivety.
Mental work out.
Profound confusion.
It's so much freaking fun.
Voices carry.

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