Thursday, August 18, 2011

Waiting For A God Who Cares

Rage: what type of hatred and mental defect does it take for a person to kill a 3 year old by suffocating her with a trash bag? Speak of God and mercy all you want but today that's not something I want to hear. I need to picture that child's struggling and die my own death. Otherwise I am not human.

Rage: who lets a 3 year old roam unsupervised? Three year olds have the discretion of a moth and the decision-making abilities of a parent who would allow a 3 year old outdoors unattended.

Rage: a beautiful white woman is again missing on vacation and the nation holds its collective breath waiting for the next juicy tidbit to roll across television screens as if this is the midseason finale of CSI. Because she is a beautiful white woman she drives ratings up and assures ad revenue. Because she is a beautiful white woman we prey upon her bones.

The man who killed the 3 year old is in police custody, has confessed, and I hope ceases to exist in all ways, shapes and forms. Very few tangible clues have turned up about the missing woman but I hope she's not suffering wherever she is.

"I'm looking out over rooftops and I'm hoping it ain't true that the same God watched out for them watches out for me and you. The angels laid them away..." -- lyrics by Josh Ritter, "Folk Bloodbath"

Waiting for a god who cares. Not anymore.


  1. I understand how you feel. I'm a recovering Catholic and sometimes blind assertions about how "God is in control " and "let go and let God" just don't cut it. I do believe in God - most of the time - but I really don't believe he answers prayers.....

  2. Linda, the god program operating in the background of our lives could use a virus update. I see way too much faith as blind assertion or obstinate belief rather than enrichment. I hope your journey to recovery sees you standing on the mountaintop shouting a few simple truths.