Sunday, February 9, 2014

How To Be Happy Blog

First, accept that it is still possible.

Next, negate the excuses. They aren’t in the way of your happiness. You are. Move your mind, body and actions to a different tile on the board. Delete the ulterior motives. You want to write? Read, study, and write, but do so without any desire for a blockbuster. That’s a heavy desire. Sucker looms. You want to become a nurse-type?  Meditate by getting in touch with your own body first. It’ll improve your empathy and healing touch a thousandfold, which will in turn make your entry into the field a blessing to those in your care. You want to smile but you ran out of Crest Whitestrips? Please.

This isn’t “Don’t worry, be happy.” Your idiot neighbors will still piss you off. Your job will crush juice droplets from your wee cajones. The weight of suffering in the world will crack strong spines. Happiness is not about denying that. It’s about realizing that that is not the ALL, whether the spiritual All or the practical. Your happiness is your fascination at being here coupled with the uniquely awesome things your consciousness contributes to the universe.

Me? Despite all my unhappiness I am quite happy. May you be equally blessed.

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